Husband scares off intruder in Harrison Co.

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HARRISON CO, Ky. - A knock at the door turned into a frightening experience for a central Kentucky couple. They say a man forced his way inside their Harrison County home and attacked the wife. But the husband, who's dealing with cancer, managed to scare off the intruder.

Sarah and George Hudgins say they've lived in their home for more than 20 years and they've never had a problem. That's why they say when they heard frantic knocking at their door early this morning, they didn't expect trouble on the other side.

The couple say they were in bed around 1:00 this morning when they heard someone knocking frantically.

"He was knocking so hard and saying 'my wife is sick out here! We need help!," Sarah Hudgins says.

Sarah Hudgins said she had no reason to doubt the man.

"I thought somebody was laying out there sick, bad sick. His wife, that's what he said. His wife was laying out there sick. And I thought, well, how can you go and not help somebody that's sick. So I opened the door and there he was. And he grabbed me by the throat," Hudgins says.

Sarah says the man was wearing a mask. She couldn't see his face, but says she could see his eyes. She says she doesn't know how long she had his hands around her neck.

"I just wanted to kill him because he was trying to choke me, I wanted him dead," Hudgins says.

That wish nearly came true. Sarah's husband George, a cancer patient, made it out of the bedroom with his pistol.

"When I come out there, I pointed the gun at him," George Hudgins says.

He says the only other time he has previously needed to pull a gun on anyone was during his time in the army. They say the man turned Sarah loose and ran.

"If it wasn't for him I'd be dead," Hudgins says.

She says she'll never understand how anyone could attack her or George.

"How can they prey on old people?," Hudgins says.

At this point, police do not have any information on leads, or arrests in this case.

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