At least nine drivers forced off road because of pothole

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FAYETTE CO. Ky. (WKYT) - The construction on I-75 right around the Clays Ferry Bridge wasn't the cause of a traffic backup this morning, instead a pothole.

At first it doesn't look like much. Other than the added element of the exposed re-bar that courses just under the surface of the pavement that makes up the Clay Ferry Bridge, it looks like a pretty standard pothole.

But some Thursday morning drivers found out otherwise.

What had been a stretch of the interstate opened up to three lanes of traffic through a normally congested construction zone, was back down to two, slowly moving lanes while state highway department employees worked to find a solution.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced Wednesday that the stretch of I-75 between mile markers 106 and 98 would open back up to three lanes for Memorial Day Weekend traffic.

The pothole was located around mile marker 99 on the north bound side.

At least nine drivers had to make a hasty exit out of the flow of traffic because of a pothole induced flat tire.

Karl Warner was one of those drivers. He said, "I didn't even see it in time to swerve over. And if I had, there was nowhere to go. So you basically, try to slow down and go over it...hope it doesn't blow it up."

A representative with the Transportation Cabinet said people affected can file a report with the Board of Claims (KYTC - Frankfort) in regard to possible car damage from a pothole. That information is on the KYTC website, attached to this article.

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