Ice blocks Clark County family from home

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Matt and Stacey Dobbs never expected to find large chunks of ice blocking their driveway, but that's what happened on Sunday.

"It looked like something basically from the Titanic," explained Stacey Dobbs.

The creek that runs in front of their home was frozen the last two weeks. The married couple says it thawed Sunday morning.

"Everything melted. It created a big mess," said Matt Dobbs.

The creek carried ice downstream into the bridge that leads to their house. Once it hit the bridge, the ice began to break up and spread everywhere. It completely blocked the Dobbs' bridge and the connected driveway. The couple had to drive through a neighbor's yard to get in and out.

"We just opened a few gates, put it in four-wheel drive, and kept on trucking," Stacey said.

The Dobbs plan to use a tractor to clear off the ice, in time for school on Monday.

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