Ice causes major slowdowns in Laurel County

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Throughout the day Friday, it was very slow-going along Interstate 75 in Laurel County. Officials said many of the backups weren't necessarily tied to wrecks.

For miles along I-75, cars sat motionless.

"Don't know...been sitting here for probably a good hour and a half," said Chad Reed.

Deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office say they had at least twenty to thirty fender benders along the interstate, but often, the slowdowns were simply due to people being cautious on the hills.

"We've been driving since six this morning. Coming from Louisville, Kentucky and we haven't made it too far yet. Trying to go four-wheeler riding. It's all we're trying to do...get a little muddy," said Reed.

They'd seen lots of less fortunate people along the way.

"Seen a fire truck flipped over, one or two semis, probably about...a lot of cars...a lot of cars just off the side of the road," said Reed.

But they say no amount of slick roads will keep them from their four-wheeling destination.

"Nah! Ain't nothing going to stop us. We're Kentucky boys, come on," said Reed.

Deputies at the sheriff's office said one thing they're particularly concerned about this evening is any moisture left over here on these roads re-freezing and becoming even icier overnight.