Ice leaves downed trees, power outages in Lincoln County

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The ice storm hit part of Lincoln County especially hard.
Most of the Stanford area was not hit by ice, but the area from Hall's Gap to Waynesburg did get ice.

Thousands are still without power, and tree limbs are down in the central and southern part of that county. There are 3,989 customers of Inter County Energy without power.

A tree came down the Hall's Gap area, barley missing a house.

"Well I came outside and moved my car and this tree came crashing down a minute later," said Hank Smith, who lives on Highway 1247.

Many of the tree branches appear to have at least a half inch to inch of ice on it. Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger says he's concerned about the winds bringing more tree branches down knocked loose in the ice storm.

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