Icy blast sends drivers sliding on I-75

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A blanket of white was not a comforting sight for many drivers Sunday afternoon. Many cars lost control all along an icy Interstate-75.

"Yeah, it went pretty deep off, probably a couple hundred feet behind the guardrail," pointed out Shane Walls of G&G Towing.

Wherever there was a car stuck off the road, there was Walls or another tow truck driver just like him.

"It's been pretty rough out here, today. There's been a lot of them off the roads and a couple on their tops."

Walls said every towing company in Grant County was out on calls this afternoon, "Being Sunday, they're really not on top of things out here on the interstate, but then there's a lot of traffic. Everybody is traveling, going back home, (and) all of them start piling up."

The Grant County Sheriff's Office reported six calls in a short time. Walls said he had four, in just 45 minutes!

Down the road, more problems could be found.

"I was just trying to switch lanes and I ended up getting into a slick spot and just started spinning out," described Jake Taylor, who found himself stuck in a deep ditch.

He wasn't alone. Other cars seemed to have lost control at mile marker 137, in Scott County. At one point there were five to six vehicles stranded in the median. Shortly after they were all pulled out, two more vehicles, including Taylor's, ended up in the same spot.

"Eh, it was a little freaky but I'm just glad I'm alright," said Taylor, who was heading home to Northern Kentucky after a short spring break trip.

"Luckily didn't hit anything, just ended up down here. Now, I'm stuck waiting for a tow truck."

Just one more victim from the winter weather blast.

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