Icy roads behind snow day in Clay County

MANCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Barr Creek road in Clay County is a good example of why schools were closed in Clay County on Wednesday.

"So we have a bus that comes in this way, goes to the top of the mountain and comes back," said Superintendent Amon Couch, looking at a mountain path covered in several inches of snow and ice.

A mountain more than 5 days after a snow event that is still treacherous.

"It's not melted a bit since yesterday," he said.

Elsewhere bridges remain ice covered.

"You have a bus that's sliding..and then icy water just a few feet below," said Couch, while giving WKYT's Phil Pendleton a look at roads while traveling in eastern Clay County.

Buses travel thousands of miles a day in Clay County. Many of those miles are on hills and valleys where the sun just doesn't shine.

"It's literally like the perfect storm.. you have sub zero temperatures and snow and ice still on the roads. It is not thawing," Couch said.

Clay County kids have been out of school for 15 days because of snow. In fact they've only gone four days since Christmas break.

Couch won't apologize for missing multiple days

When icy roads and packed school buses could be a tragedy just waiting to happen.

"But when you consider the safety of kids..it's a decision a lot easier to make," he said.

A decision made because more than 70 % of their kids depend on the school bus..to get to school.

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