Icy weather leaves slushy Morehead mess

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Heading east along I-64, you started to notice a whole lot of slush in Rowan County this morning.

"We've had rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain. Every bit of it's come since 5:00 this morning," Fred Busroe said.

Fred Busroe said he wasn't planning on doing any outdoor work until the skies cleared up.

"Just have to hunker down and bear it. I'll let it get finished before I do any shoveling or anything," Busroe said.

While some people are dealing with the weather by staying bundled up inside, for others, getting out in the middle of it was all in a days work.

"We have a lot of deliveries going out," said Michael Phelps. He was clearing the way for him and his fellow pizza workers to start getting in and out.

"We have to be super careful and everything because of the roads and all, but we have some really safe drivers and all, so we get to point a and point b very safely," he said.

He's ready to see the slush melt off.

"Summer's my favorite, let's get rid of the winter," Phelps said.

Fred, though, says he'll just take it as it comes.

"We'll just take whatever we get. Not much choice in the matter," Busroe said.

Emergency management workers in Rowan County said they worked several wrecks, but none of them resulted in injuries.

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