Imposters across county lines in central Ky.

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're tracking a crime alert Friday night, and police need your help finding a thief who appears to be targeting schools.

Police have released these surveillance pictures of a man they say stole from a Jessamine County school and tried to do the same at another in Madison County.

And Friday night we've learned this thief could be connected to another case as well.

It happened at a Jessamine County school first and then Berea Community School.

A man not seemingly out of place just walking in and acting like he belonged.

Jessamine County school officials even sent out an email to Berea officials with the subject's photo, warning them of an undercover thief.
iPhones and other items are what the man seems to be after.

When the same man entered Berea Community School, school employees saw through his disguise and confronted him.

Berea police tell us there is a connection between Jessamine County and Berea but what's weird is there could be one to Lexington too.

Law enforcement in Berea, Jessamine County, and Lexington are all in contact about these similar incidents involving imposters.

"It's not unusual in law enforcement, especially when you have neighboring counties that are touching, where someone could potentially be crossing county lines and be doing the same incidents in both places," said Sherelle Roberts, who is with the Lexington Division of Police.

We brought you details about incidents at Bluegrass Baptist School and a few bars and restaurants downtown Lexington on Wednesday.

Those involved a suspect stealing iPhones and other Apple electronics.

We also have surveillance video of a suspect with a similar description at another Lexington school.

Police tell us photos and surveillance videos are being viewed to determine if there is a link between the imposters across three different counties.

Lexington police tell us they have leads to who is responsible for the incident at Bluegrass Baptist School. They hope to have a warrant out for his arrest soon.

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