Police: "Inappropriate pictures" of teens show up on social media

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - We’ve learned some inappropriate pictures have sparked an investigation in southern Kentucky.

Police and school leaders are looking into claims that inappropriate pictures of some Corbin High School students ended up online.

Take a look around any high school and you're sure to spot several signs of technology--security cameras, computers and most certainly cell phones. But sometimes, one when teenagers and technology mix, it can lead to trouble.

And sometimes, one click of the send button can change everything.

"I think kids need to realize what they put on the phones as far as texts and as far as computers and stuff like that and realize that it doesn’t just go away," said Karen Nottingham, who has a young daughter.

Police say some Corbin High School students recently fell into trouble with technology when they say some students sent inappropriate pictures to other students and then those pictures ended up on social media.

On Friday, Corbin Police said they're unsure how many students are involved in this case and they are still trying to determine who posted the inappropriate pictures to begin with.

Police also cannot release many details on this case because it involves juveniles.

"We as parents just make it too easy for our kids to have cell phones and we don’t follow through with our kids we don't check and see who they are texting," Nottingham said.

We also asked the Corbin superintendent about the investigation but he referred us to police.

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