Injured Garrard County dog reunited with original owner

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We have a heartfelt update on a heartbreaking story.

A dog the Garrard County Animal Shelter treated this weekend for injuries they think came from a dog-fighting ring is heading home. His real home, shelter leaders say, is with a family in Pulaski County who lost him two years ago.

As the head of the Garrard County Animal Shelter, Brittany Collins was skeptical that someone really recognized the mauled, abandoned pit bull.

"When a dog like this gets out, and gets hurt, it usually doesn't turn out the best for them. Some of them do go mean after getting fought. Nobody gives them a second chance, and it's up to us to save them and show them what a second life is like," explains Collins.

While she searched for clues to Rampage's past, Trisha Wheeler, a woman 60 miles south, searched online for a clue to her own.

"Some one messaged me last night and they said 'did you see Rampage on the news?' I said, 'no.' And they sent me a link to WKYT and I went to the link and I saw the dog's eyes. I didn't have to see the body or anything, I knew that this was my dog," says Wheeler.

Shelter leaders told WKYT Wheeler had the paperwork they needed to prove that she was Rampage's owner.

"She has everything down to pictures of every spot on this dog, matches perfectly," says Collins.

Wheeler said when Rampage was still a puppy, someone took him from her back yard when she wasn't home.

Shelter leaders have turned their investigation over to the Commonwealth Attorney. They are working with him to try and find the person responsible for Rampage's wounds.

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