Inmate escapes McCreary County Detention Center

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A manhunt is underway for an escaped inmate with a history of breaking out of jail.

McCreary County corrections officers say 27-year-old Dustin Baltimore escaped from their detention center Friday night, and they didn't realize he was gone until Sunday.

Since Baltimore escaped from the McCreary County Detention Center, no one has suffered more than his parents. "It's about killed me," Dustin's father Rodney Baltimore said, "I love my son, but I love my family and my community. That's why I called you because my community needs to know there's somebody loose."

"I would like for him to contact us and let us know he's okay," Dustin's stepmother Teresa Baltimore said, "let his dad know he's okay."

McCreary County Jailer Tony Ball is still trying to piece together what happened Friday night. He says cameras were watching the 15 inmates inside the recreation room, but the old equipment is limited, and his staff is undermanned. "We're just people," Ball said, "We make mistakes. This is a big one."

Corrections officers say the rest of the inmates aren't talking about what happened, but investigators believe Baltimore used the door to climb up to the ceiling and get out through a gap in the fence. "Where he went from there, I don't know," Ball said.

The bigger question is how an inmate could escape on Friday and go unnoticed until Sunday. "We normally count them," Ball explained, "but the new officer had failed to do that as they came back in."

Since the discovery, jail officials have learned Baltimore has a history of escape and will go to great lengths to avoid capture. "As far as I'm concerned, that's a little weird, but yeah, he was dressed as a lady trying to disguise himself," Ball said of Baltimore's previous escape several years ago, "hadn't shaved his legs... that was part of what tipped it off, and he didn't walk like a lady."

All levity aside, the priority now is to find Baltimore as quickly as possible.

"Do what's right and turn yourself in," Teresa Baltimore insisted.

"I want him found. I don't want him hurt, but I want him back incarcerated before somebody does get hurt," Rodney Baltimore said.

Jail officials say the recreation room will remain off limits to inmates until additional safeguards can be put in place. As for Dustin Baltimore, investigators say he may have left the McCreary County area.

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