Interchange expansion project in Clark County almost complete

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A roadway expansion that's been in the works for a few years will soon bring drivers who travel on I-64, and the Mountain Parkway, a sigh of relief.

The project began in March of last year, but it's been talked about for decades. With an $8.3 million price tag, officials say it's money well spent.

For years, drivers traveling to eastern Clark County would have to drive on slender back roads, but the new exchange will give drivers easier access to that part of the county. Officials say it also will strengthen the link between central Kentucky and the mountain region.

A 54 ft. bridge and two 12 ft. lanes will be able to withstand traffic that's projected to flow through the interchange.

Most importantly, officials say this expansion will provide a safer road for people to drive on.

"Basically what we're doing here is creating an intersection between KY 974 and the Mountain Parkway," says Mayor Ed Burtner, City of Winchester. "It provides access to the eastern part of Clark County. It provides access to KY 15. It provides access to emergency crews, and response crews, that are responding to the eastern part of Clark County."

Officials say lighting still needs to be installed on the on and off ramps, which should be completed in about two weeks.

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