Investigation, 911 call, shed light on tragic accidental shooting

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. -- Six people were inside the home where one young man accidentally shot his brother before turning the gun on himself. WKYT has learned more about the tragedy that took place on Sunday morning.

Police say that Kody and Kyle Thacker were staying at a friend's house when Kody picked up a shotgun that accidentally discharged and hit his brother Kyle.

Police told us that Kody was overcome with grief at the accident, and took his own life.

The shootings remain under investigation by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. But police told WKYT's Phil Pendleton that witness statements and evidence gathered at the scene all point to an accidental shooting.

The person who called 911 right after the incident told the dispatcher that there were six people inside the home, but no one had seen either shooting.

The caller was upstairs and tried to keep others from going downstairs to witness what had happened.

The caller at first thought only one person was shot but then learned from others in the house that it was a double tragedy.

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