Investigation: Did bus driver put kids in danger?

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LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - School officials are investigating after a man said he shot video of a school bus dropping children off without using safety equipment.

"If he can't do no better than that on a school bus, he don't need to be on there, because this is putting our kids' lives at risk," said Michael Simmons.

Michael Simmons says he shot the video along Bastin Creek Road in Casey County. It appeared to show a school bus making drop-offs without using flashing lights or stop signs.

"I was on my way home and I got behind the school bus and I noticed a couple drops that he did not use his flashing lights to let a couple of kids off the bus and they crossed the road, which was highly dangerous," said Simmons.

So, he said he got his cell phone out to shoot video.

"After I made the video, I went to the bus garage and showed them the video and they said they would check into it. The next week, week later, I got in behind him again and he was doing the same thing," said Simmons.

Administrators at the Casey County Board of Education said they were aware of a maintenance issue that they said had been taken care of.

The director of pupil transportation, Craig Griffin, told WKYT he spoke with the bus driver in question, who told him he had a one day with the switch that operates the safety lights. He told us he knew of no other incidents and Griffin said the driver was reprimanded and the switch fixed after the one reported case. Simmons, though maintains it happened on more than one occasion.

"For it to happen once, I could understand it, but for it to happen twice, it's uncalled for," said Simmons.

Griffin told me late this afternoon an investigation is continuing.