Petition surfaces after Boyle County Fair incident involving raccoon

BOYLE CO, Ky. (WKYT) - Families are upset about an incident at a central Kentucky fair this weekend.

Organizers of the Boyle County Fair say during the coon dog treeing contest Friday night, a group of spectators put their dogs in a horse ring and let them fight over a single raccoon.

Animal Control Director Dan Turcea was appalled.

"My initial reaction was this is awful and my second reaction was, we got to get some facts before we could do anything," Turcea said Sunday.

Animal Control didn't have anyone there when the raccoon incident took place, but they say they'll work closely with law enforcement during this investigation.

"We will talk to the county attorney, talk with the Danville Police Department and see if any laws had been broken," Turcea continued.

Fair organizers say a group of people put their dogs in a horse ring and let them fight over a raccoon. Officials say the group's actions were not approved. Police stopped the event when they realized it wasn't sanctioned.

"It's irresponsible at best to have a feral animal, three large dogs who are feverishly excited.. in a situation where there are people just wandering around," Turcea told WKYT reporters.

There are conflicting reports about the raccoon's condition. Fair organizers did ban the people involved from the fairgrounds.

A petition has since surfaced, calling to revoke lifetime hunting permits and privileges, and pursue maximum fines and penalties for all involved in what petitioners are calling the Boyle County Raccoon Massacre. As of noon Monday, around 250 have signed it on It needs 260. We've attached a link to the petition to the right of this article.

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