Lexington police officer injured in hit-and-run crash

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police want to find a driver who crashed into a mounted police officer unit and drove off.

The hit-and-run crash happened on West Main Street between Jefferson and Broadway in Lexington around 1:00 Thursday night.

Paco is a Lexington police officer with the Mounted Police Unit, and Thursday night on West Main Street he was hit by a car.

Sherelle Roberts with the Lexington Police says, "Based upon the evidence left on the scene, as well as the injuries that were sustained by the horse, we feel confident that there was no way that the drive could not have known that he struck something, simply because there were pieces of the vehicle that were broken off."

The black passenger car hit Paco's left side, and kept on going, minus a side view mirror and with some additional dents.

Roberts says, "They haven't been trained to stay calm when being hit by a car. So of course when the horse was struck by the car, he did get very excited."

Paco ran for about 20 yards, tossing Officer Raymond Alexander, a 12-year veteran with the police force, out of the saddle.

Alexander was taken to UK Hospital and treated for back and neck injuries, then released, and Paco will remain at the Mounted Police stables until doctors clear him for service.

Roberts says, "Our human officers, our K9 officers, and our equine officers are all officers. And we don't consider them animals, we consider them partners. So in this situation an officer and his partner were injured in a hit and run accident."

Police say they're looking for a silver car and a tow truck that drove by the scene to see if they witnessed any of the crash.

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