Investigation and search at Madison County burned home continues

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Emergency crews remain at the scene of a burned out house in Madison County, searching for answers.

40 hours after the log cabin caught fire, the man who lives there still hasn't been found. It's believed the homeowner might have been inside when the home on Whitlock Road was consumed by flames. Crews plan to stay at the scene until they find out what happened to Walt Liebengood.

They even heavy machinery out here today digging through the rubble. Fire officials and state police investigators used shovels as well and haven't given up looking for signs of what happened.

Neighbors, friends, and family have been onlooking the investigation for nearly two days now. The missing man's ex-wife talked with us on Thursday about how they've lost lots of keepsakes in this fire and they fear they've lost even more.

"I think it hasn't quite hit me yet because I still feel like everything is still waiting, so it's like the shoes hasn't hit the floor yet," said Dorine Liebengood, who is the missing man's ex-wife.

Dorie Liebengood was back on scene today but left Friday afternoon, saying this whole situation has been exhausting.

"We don't want to hope that they find his remains, but it would be scary to think something else maybe even more horrible than that happened," said Dorine.

Crews have now brought in lights and plan to search well into Friday night, doing a more extensive search on what's left of Walt Liebengood's home.

Whether its suspicious or possibly arson, state police still aren't saying as they continue to investigate. Throughout the day, arson investigators along with their canines were on scene. Those dogs search for accelerants used to start fires.

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