Investigation continues after a murder-suicide at a Kentucky restaurant

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COVINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Two people are dead after a murder-suicide at a Kentucky restaurant that was seen by children. A Cincinnati television station reports someone was shot at the Covington Dairy Queen then turned the gun on himself. Police say it may have centered around a custody dispute.

This Memorial Day we're learning much more about what happened in those moments and one week before leading up to the shooting.

The city of Covington, especially one neighborhood, has been rocked by a murder-suicide in broad daylight.

"This is a pretty busy area right here, especially with the holiday weekend," said Roger Turner, a man living nearby. "There's been a lot of commotion around here on account of drugs really but nothing like this. We don't ever have shootings right here at Dairy Queen."

Police there report Zuriel Turk, 41, shot and killed Mark Kroening, 62, before turning the gun on himself. It all happening in front of Turk's four children, ages 10 to 15, with Kroening being their stepfather. The Dairy Queen parking lot served as a prearranged visit spot, where they would exchange the kids. But it became a crime scene, leaving the two men dead.

Whatever the reason for the murder-suicide, four kids witnessed it all and people nearby heard the shots which is something many won't forget.

"I was getting ready to take him to Dairy Queen. And like I said, I just heard the shots. Then we decided to eat ice cream at home, but we're usually right there," said Turner.

A Cincinnati television station reports that Turk's writings on the Internet one week ago have left police believing the killings could have been over a custody battle with Turk allegedly writing that his ex-wife and Kroening are kidnappers.

Turk's criminal history shows he's had run-ins with police, charged with sexual abuse and intimidating a participant in a legal proceeding. He also pleaded guilty to pointing a firearm at another person in Oklahoma several years ago.

Police there are still investigating what led up to the shooting.

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