Investigation finds secret fund helped poor

BURLINGTON, Ky. (AP) - An investigation has found that much of a secret slush fund at the Boone County Public Works Department was spent to help the poor.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports nearly $13,000 was spent to purchase holiday turkey for underprivileged children in Boone County schools.

An investigation into the fund led to a grand jury considering and rejecting one count of abuse of public trust against former Public Works Director Greg Sketch, who retired from the position after being suspended in July. Two other workers resigned.

Public records show the scrap metal fund totaled $32,820.66. Out of that, $12,898 was spent on turkeys and $8,669 was reported to the county. More than $5,500 was recovered from a locker, nearly $3,000 went toward department expenses, and just over $2,700 is missing.

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