Investigation into a Lexington daycare continues after child left in the park

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We continue to track the investigation into a daycare accused of leaving a child at a park.

The state began looking into Playhouse Daycare Center after the incident earlier this month.

Police say workers took children on an outing to Meadowthorpe Park and left a four-year-old behind.

It's something that won't happen again at Playhouse Daycare Center now with its transportation services suspended.

"They didn't even known he was gone that he wasn't there. You left with six and came back with five. I know how many kids I come with," said Shericka Taylor, the four-year-old child's mother.

An investigation is underway by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. WKYT obtained the paperwork from the state and attempted to talk with the center's owner again, but she declined.

Documentation of the incident shows the child was unsupervised for nearly an hour. He was supposed to be one of the six kids on a van on the way back from the park.

Several deficiencies surrounding the center's van, including not having proper documentation of kids getting on and off of it, could be a reason why one kid was left behind that day.

From not inspecting the van's lights, safety restraints, and signals, to not keeping a daily log of when these items were checked, the van was one big violation in itself.

But the stacks of state documents also revealed to us that the latest incident isn't the only strike against the daycare.

Back in 2011, a 10-year-old attending the daycare was left alone and unsupervised. That child was told to walk to a gas station, nearly a half mile round trip, to buy drinks for staff members.

They were fined 500 dollars for that violation, but as for the latest incident at the park, we are told it's still under investigation.

The documents also show workers picked the four-year-old up from the park in a vehicle without a car seat.

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