Police investigating foster child's injuries as abuse

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A 17-month-old boy, from Fleming County, is still in critical condition at Kentucky Children's Hospital after going through surgery Wednesday morning. The Kentucky State Police say the child's injuries are a concern and they have opened a criminal abuse case.

So far the stories they've been given don't match up, according to the State Police.

"Basically what they're saying, they're saying they laid the child down, shortly after laying the child down, the child started crying. The foster mother then went to check on the child, and at that time is when she was able to determine that the child was not breathing properly," said Trooper Joe Veeneman.

The boy's foster parents called 911 Tuesday evening and offered police that explanation, but Trooper Veeneman said the injuries tell a different story.

"We have ruled out just about any type of accident," he added, "(police are) not actually coming out and saying anything on the record whether or not foul play is suspected, but the child does have injuries that are not consistent with the story we've been given by the parents."

The investigators won't elaborate on the types of injuries the young boy has, but they say it was severe enough to cause an injury to the brain. The child was initially rushed to the Fleming County hospital and then flown to Lexington for more treatment. Around 8:30 that night, Fleming County Social Services called the Kentucky State Police to come look into the child's injuries.

"Obviously when a child is that age, (it) is a major concern to us when incidents like this take place," said the trooper.

Police are not releasing the names of the family involved, but say the foster child has been with them since June and that they have two kids of their own. The police also say there are no reports of any previous incidents.

Still investigators hope to get answers soon, "Just through the course of the investigation, we'll be able to meet with the doctors, and go through their medical records, investigate from there and somehow we should be able to make a determination of what the injury (is) and where it stemmed from."

The investigation is ongoing and no one is being charged, at this time.

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