Investigation questions Medal of Honor recipient's account of Taliban attack

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(WKYT) - Former Army Capt. William Swenson will receive a medal of honor for gallantry in the same 2009 battle that Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer wrote about in a memoir that also brought him a medal of honor.

In his memoir, Meyer described how he fought against a swarm of Taliban during a battle. But according to a McClatchy newspaper investigation, videos shot by Army medevac helicopter crewmen show no Taliban anywhere near the location at the time of that swarm.

The report also goes onto say the videos add to other findings that parts of Meyer's memoir were "untrue, unsubstantiated or exaggerated." In an interview with the paper, Meyer told them he wrote his book to the best of his recollection.

WKYT talked to Meyer earlier in October about whether he was considering a run for Congress. He explained while it is a possibility, he isn't kicking off a campaign just yet.

"All I hope to do is to ignite a fire inside of Americans that they'll go out and make a difference and believe in the same country that my teammates, my fellow Marines and soldiers have laid they're lives down for," says Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient.

Swenson, who will accept his medal of honor from President Obama Tuesday afternoon, is credited with risking his life to save other's lives during a seven-hour battle.

He declined an interview with McClatchy about Meyer's version of events on that same day. But Swenson did say the videos show the reality of what happened during the battle.

The newspaper also claims its investigation has raised questions about the military awards process.

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