Investigation of officer involved in school fight finished

A school resource officer, placed on administrative leave after video appeared to show him throwing a punch while trying to break up a fight last month at a high school, will soon be returning to work.

Fayette County Schools officials say the investigation into the officer, who works at Dunbar High school, has been completed.

The fight broke out between two students at the school.

Officials say after reviewing the evidence in the case, and getting input from an independent panel from outside the school district, they determined the officer "acted within the legal scope of options available to him."

"We worked to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, but we had to ensure that all the facts were obtained in order to make the proper decision," Fayette County Schools Superintendent Stu Silberman said in a news release. "Our officers do a great job of keeping our schools safe and I want that to continue."

School officials say the panel looked at witness statements from students and staff members, and viewed the initial video of the incident, which had been posted on YouTube. The panel also looked at a second video which surfaced during the investigation.

The officer "followed the force continuum and used the necessary force to stop the altercation and prevent further injuries to himself and the others in the immediate area," the panel wrote.

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