Police question adult and juveniles about playground fire in Powell Co.

POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are questioning three people about a string of suspicious fires at parks in Powell County.

The most recent fire was Thursday morning, flames heavily damaged the playground at the city park in Station.

"We worked for about a year planning you know, so it's pretty sad that somebody would just destroy it in one night," said Tommy Mays with the Stanton City Park Board.

Two other fires have also been reported at that park, and another at the park in Clay City.

The investigation is ongoing, officials in Powell county say they have questioned some people about these fires, but so far no one has been charged.

Police here tell us they have talked to an adult and two juveniles about the fires, at this point only calling them people of interest. They did arrest one of those adults, but that was for an unrelated outstanding warrant.

"We're a small county. It involves all of us, we all use that park, we all use the one at Clay City, all the ball teams, the walkers and everybody," said Stanton mayor Dale Allen.

Kentucky State Police are assisting with the arson investigation.

There is a $500 dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of the people responsible. Police say they have received some solid tips, but they could use some more.

The playground at the city park in station was built just two years ago.

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