Investigators still searching for convicted rapist on the run

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-John Buckley has been missing for 208 days.

While investigators say they interviewed someone about the convicted rapist just yesterday, they say they don't feel any closer to cuffing him.

Sgt. Jay Pittman, Fayette County Sheriff's Office explained, "It obviously bugs us that an individual who is wanted has obsconded and we haven't found him yet."

Police classify Buckley as a danger to the public- not only because he's a rapist, but because of his highly specialized training as an Army Ranger.

"He knows what he's facing, and obviously doesn't want to face that. That's why he ran," Pittman said.

Even though investigators get dozens of tips a month, several a week--they say none have panned out and Buckley could be anywhere.

"I don't know if it's two counties over or two states over. I don't know."

While police think he's been getting help from someone, they don't know who it is. Buckley's mother has a warrant for her arrest issued by Lexington Police for her connection to Buckley's get-away car, but since it's a misdemeanor, she can't be extradited from Colorado. Even so, investigators say they aren't going to give up.

"As time goes by, hopefully he will let his guard down and that will give us a little more information. Hopefully that will lead us to where he is."

Buckley's former cellmate, John Williams, is serving a four year sentence after he was convicted of helping Buckley escape.

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