Investigators looking for cause in Clark County fire

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Neighbors and family members say a Winchester house fire is just the latest in a terrible string of events for a couple. They say in the span of the last six months, they lost a son, a grandson, and now their home.

Neighbors say the fire started in the back of the house.

"Just heard a big bang and looked outside and it just looked like a big ball of fire come out from under the house and engulfed it," Bryan McClain, a neighbor, says.

They said you could see it for miles.

"We saw this big column of black smoke and from where we could see it, we was afraid it might be our house," Eddie Slone, a neighbor, told us Tuesday.

The couple made it out, but neighbors said there were three cats still inside the house. They didn't make it.

"The main worry was getting the lady out of her house. She didn't want to come out. Pretty much a fella had to grab her and back her out," McClain said.

Neighbors and family members told us this family has had a lot of tragedy over the last few months.

"I mean, they've lost everything they've had-their grandson, their kid, and now their home," McClain said.

Fire investigators believe the fire was accidental. They're looking into an air conditioning unit.

Neighbors said the family was able to save some pictures and jewelry.

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