Jack's broken heart journey

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A 1-year-old Mount Sterling boy is inspiring an entire community as he fights to recover from a congenital heart condition. Jack Wells underwent surgery Tuesday in a Columbus, Ohio hospital to repair his heart.

His mother, Jenny Wells, said today, "he's smiled at me and even waved a little. Even though he's hooked up to so many things with tubes and everything, he knows mama is here."

In the close community of Mount Sterling, signs line the streets, people are wearing stickers and jewelry with Jack's image, and the family's Facebook page is filled with well wishes and prayers.
Jack's grandfather, Montgomery County Judge Executive Wally Johnson, calls the experience "overwhelming". His employees in Montgomery County say they will wear their Jack's Heart Bracelets until he returns home.

" It's been a rough year. We've been very emotional", says Mary Blevins, a Montgomery County employee.

The family regularly updates the Jack's Broken Heart Journey Facebook page and says they are eternally grateful for support they are receiving from all across the state.

"We are strong", Jenny says, "Jack is a special boy and was brought here for a reason."

Jenny Wells says while Jack is still on ventilator and temporary pacemaker, he is resting well and in stable condition.

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