Jail officials release video of Buckley getting booked

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-He spent months as a fugitive after walking out of a Fayette County Courthouse seconds before he was convicted of rape. Tuesday, jail officials released the video of John C. Buckley getting booked into jail after he was extradited from Wyoming.

In the video, Buckley appears not to be bothered by the process at all. In fact, he's seen yawning many times as he was surrounded by Fayette County Officials as he was brought in.

Treated like any other inmate, Buckley provided his social security number to an employee as she typed in all of his information./

When asked if he was planning to harm himself, Buckley said "No," but he did say he needed medical attention for an old injury; his prosthetic shoulder.

Buckley was in court last week for arraignments in both District and Circuit Courts. He pleaded guilty to a new charge of intimidating a witness as well as the charges he faced in connection to his escape.

Buckley will be sentenced for his rape conviction next month.

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