Jailer asks law enforcement not to bring in inmates due to overcrowding

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Boyle County Detention Center is beyond full capacity and jail officials say they can't take in any more inmates.

The jail houses inmates from both Boyle and Mercer Counties. It has 220 beds, but currently has 307 inmates, well over full capacity.

Jailer Barry Harmon says a surge of drug-related arrests in recent months has packed the facility. Harmon is now asking law enforcement agencies not to bring anyone in unless the charge stems from a violent crime or the person is subject to a felony warrant.

Officials are now looking into other options for inmates, like outpatient treatment programs for non-violent offenders with drug related crimes. But for the time being, Harmon says the overcrowding issue is taking a toll on both inmates and employees.

"We provide three meals a day, so there's more to cook for," says Barry Harmon, Boyle County Jailer. "We have more laundry that we have to do day-by-day. We provide clothing or those that can't buy their own clothing. It just adds to the cost of the operation of the jail."

Jail officials say they've tried to transfer some of their inmates to neighboring Casey County, but they are overcrowded as well.

The jailer says about 90 inmates don't have beds and have to sleep on the floor.

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