One dead in crash involving southern Kentucky deputy jailer

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman has died after a crash involving a Southern Kentucky deputy jailer.

Officials tell us the deputy jailer was transporting an inmate when the crash happened.

The inmate was then flown to UK Hospital.

Three vehicles were involved in a crash that happened at the intersection of Manchester St. and US-25 East.

The family of two of the people involved say they've had other family members wreck in the same spot.

The Knox County coroner says 70-year-old Shirley Payne died yesterday afternoon. Her nephew, Keith Elliott, says Payne's sister, who was riding with her, is still in the hospital.

Elliott says, "She's recovering, she's just having a real hard time learning about Shirley passing."

A captain at the Whitley County jail says one of their vehicles driven by a deputy jailer transporting a prisoner was involved.

He says the deputy was treated and released at a local hospital, while the prisoner was flown to UK, but has since been released by both the hospital and probation and parole.

Payne's nephew says the area where she was hit has an approach that makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

"It needs a red light is what is needs," Elliot says. "Our nephew he was in a wreck at the same spot, almost the same thing."

The Know County Sheriff's office is investigating the crash, but the deputy who worked it hasn't been able to file a report. We're told his wife was in a separate crash later Wednesday so he's been at the hospital with her.

Payne's nephew says she had been raising three of her grandchildren after her son died in a wreck. He says she was also taking care of her sister who was with her.

Elliott says, "Since my grandmother died she had took care of my sister, guess one of the other sisters will take care of her now."

Jail officials tell WKYT Payne's car clipped a third vehicle, but no one in it was injured.

Funeral arrangements have been made for Shirley Payne. Her visitation is Friday night from 6:00-9:00 at the Know funeral home and her funeral will be Saturday afternoon at 2:00.

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