Jailer Claims Whistleblower Has His Own-Wrong Doings

Corporal John Vest revealed to 27 NEWSFIRST that he was the man who made the FBI aware of certain wrong-doings happening in the Fayette County Jail.

But the jailer says Vest has been involved in some wrongdoing of his own.

Jailer Ron Bishop says it was just this Monday morning when he found out John Vest was the true whistle blower.

While he says it doesn't come as a surprise, it does make him wonder about his intentions.

His timing is questionable, in that Vest is currently running for Jessamine County jailer and Bishop says his background includes a record of his own.

As for Vest, he says he's not allowed to say much. He just wanted to come forward and let folks know that it is him working with the FBI.

When we contacted Vest about the jailers comments this afternoon, he said he couldn't say much other than he was disappointed.

He says he feels like Director Bishop is trying to intimidate him, a man who's now a federal witness.

Vest has asked for paid, personal leave while the federal investigation is ongoing.

He says he's putting himself at risk by going to work. He's mailed a letter to the mayor to ask for the time off.