Janet Stumbo awaits results in Prestonsburg

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Judge Janet Stumbo also voted Tuesday morning in Floyd County.

Judge Stumbo says she is happy to see the heated campaign come to an end. She just hopes it has ended in her favor.

She headed to the polls in Floyd County to make sure her vote was in and says she hopes others did the same.

“If we do not choose the people who are our leaders then as a friend of mine said we're destined to be led by those who do choose,” Stumbo said.

She's hoping those who chose, chose her!

She lost her seat on the high court to her current opponent Will T. Scott eight years ago.

“We've worked really hard and I've spent a lot of late nights and I'm glad it's here,” Stumbo said.

The campaign has sparked a lot of attention...with several heated ads coming from both sides.

“It's been a long, hard few months, since April really, but I couldn't have gotten through it without my supporters,” Stumbo said.

She's hopeful those supporters will carry her through to a new term.

Judge Stumbo is awaiting election results at a campaign party in Prestonsburg.
Stumbo was the first woman to be elected to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

She is currently serving as the 7th District Appellate Judge.

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