Jessamine Co. 911 calls on car v. gas meters: 'Hurry up before it blows up'

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The scene looked frightening on Sunday night when a car crashed into the side of an apartment building in Nicholasville. It hit gas meters, sparking a fire.

We now have the 911 calls which detail the frantic moments after the crash.

"Jessamine County 911, where's your emergency?" said the dispatcher.
"The car just caught on fire," said one caller.

"301 South Third Street there's a car that hit a building, and it's on fire. I think it hit a gas line," said another caller.

There were nine calls total to 911. And the first call was from the frantic driver whose car went into a building.

"My car just sped up. It wouldn't stop," said the driver to a dispatcher. "It ran right up on the curb and hit the gas line. Hurry up before it blows up!"

The actual crash was not what the 911 calls were all about.

"There's a fire down on Third Street. It's at Edgewood Drive," said another caller to 911. "It looks like, I don't know if it's a house, but it's quite large. There's a lot of flames!"

It was what the car hit: gas meters. That impact caused fire and smoke damage throughout a fourplex.

"I mean the whole building is getting ready to burn," said a caller.
"The building is now on fire?" asked a dispatcher.
"No, it's getting pretty close. We don't think anybody's home," said the caller. "I don't know how to help this guy."

Dispatchers commented that it was a pressing few minutes as they tried to figure out whether anyone was inside.

"She needs to find out if everybody is out of the house, ma'am," said a dispatcher.

In the end, no one was hurt. And we are told the driver bought the car two days before the crash.

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