Jewelry store donates "kidney" to Nicholasville teenager

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Nicholasville, Ky (WKYT) -

"I won't lie, I was a little jealous. I wanted to give her a kidney," says Shawna Palmer, mother to Brianna Palmer.

Palmer's husband was a match but she wasn't. Doctors told her Palmer that because of a sugar issue, she couldn't give her thirteen-year-old daughter the kidney she needs.

"Mommy is supposed to save the day," adds Palmer.

While she couldn't donate her kidney, she wanted to do something special for her daughter, who has survived cancer and several surgeries, "I came up with this crazy little idea to make jewelry that looked like a kidney."

But just as their journey, jewelry designing didn't come easy for the Palmer family.

"It kind of went to a few different jewelers. Some wanted too much, one just couldn't do it. Some just thought I was crazy," Palmer says.

But Palmer's luck changed when she went to Jared's, the Galleria of Jewelry in Lexington, "When I went in there, I went in there with, I have a budget. This is what I'm hoping to do, if you can't do it, just tell me. If you can, awesome."

The silver kidney sparkled and Palmer couldn't wait to leave the store and to surprise Brianna.

"When we gave them our credit card, they came back and gave us a receipt that said no, and zeroed out. I said, no it's not my receipt. There's missing a few numbers here. And they went back and said that the staff had paid for it out of their own pocket. Everything was covered," Palmer says.

Palmer says it was unexpected and she is grateful of the thoughtful staff members at Jared's.

"It restores your faith in some people," adds Palmer.

Palmer says employees at Jared's have been following Brianna's story. They wear the bracelets showing their support for Brianna.

While she couldn't give an organ, Palmer is happy that she can still share a silver kidney with her daughter.

There is a gold and green stone inside the silver kidney necklace. Palmer says the gold is at the top because it represents cancer, something Brianna has already overcome. The green stone represents an organ, or transplant. Palmer hopes the transplant will be the last medical procedure they will need to overcome as a family.

Brianna will have two procedures done before the end of the year. If she passes all of the required tests, her mother believe she will have the transplant sometime in February.

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