Jimmy Rose heading to the finals on America's Got Talent

Jimmy Rose singing on America's Got Talent (NBC)
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BELL Co., Ky. (WYMT) - Fans gathered in Courthouse Square anxiously waiting to hear who would move forward to the top 12 of America's Got Talent.

America voted and Bell County native Jimmy Rose moved on to the finals.

Chris Rose is his brother and said everyone is overjoyed.

"I'm extremely proud you know," said Chris. "I told him from day one you can do it if you just put your heart into it.

His brother also said Rose is going to succeed.

"He's a hometown country boy and he's got the United States backing him," said Chris Rose.

Larry and Virginia Middleton are his parents.

They both said they are encouraging others to go after their goals.

"We've had other kids come up to us and say I would of never started playing if I did not hear Jimmy," said Virginia Middleton. "Jimmy inspired me to sing and to pick up my guitar and start playing again."

Win or lose fans said Jimmy Rose has their continued support.

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