Jobs open up for people in Eastern Kentucky

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - A Cincinnati company offered stay at home jobs to people in need of employment Saturday at Kentucky Teleworks.

Providing for a family is not easy and Rachel McQueen is someone who knows that first hand...

“We have to drive as far as Richmond, Lexington, London and it's really unaffordable. When you come down to food and babysitters, it's too many expenses,” said Rachel McQueen.

So she came to the "meet and greet" with StarTek Inc. in hopes to ease that financial burden.

Kentucky Teleworks set up the event to connect people in the region with a job they can do from home, and ask questions about available positions.

“Many times myself and the companies interact with people via email, via phone, things like that so it's really nice to put a face with some of the names,” said Teleworks Manager, Joshua Ball.

For those unlike Rachel who may not have a great office space for the job, there are many offices available at the jobsite in Hazard to make sure anyone can work.

McQueen says she's had training in sales before, and hopes this meeting will put her one step closer to a pay check she can bank on.

“If I were able to work from home today I would be able find somebody to help me with my baby, and save money, and manage it better,” said McQueen.

Something she says would make life a little easier

Teleworks partners with nine different companies that provide jobs, and StarTek currently employs more than 40 people in the region.

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