Johnson County law enforcement see rise in scams

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FLAT GAP, Ky (WYMT) - Some of you have called the newsroom recently saying you were the victim of a scam. Don Ramey lives in Johnson County and tells WYMT a suspicious Facebook post nearly wrecked his bank account.

Ramey admits he is no expert when it comes to the Internet, but when he got an odd message on facebook saying "hey, I won five extra $500.00 Walmart gift cards", he knew something was wrong.

"It is very dangerous because they are using Walmart, you know? They can get millions and millions of people because they are using the name Walmart," said Ramey.

Ramey said the so-called scam lures you in with the promise gift cards in exchange for a small shipping and handling fee. That is when trouble hits.

"If they get millions and millions of people and they get two or three dollars off of each one of them and get their credit card numbers, I mean look at the money that the scam artists are making," said Ramey.

Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price has some advice for people in situations like this.

"It is real simple, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. It is too good to be true," said Price.

Price said you can never be too careful online or on the phone.

"If you get a phone call and somebody asks you for your social security number and date of birth and says we can get you a check out in the mail, just hang up on them," said Price.

Ramey hopes his story can help other people avoid the headache he has had to deal with.

Sheriff Price said his department gets scam complaints on almost a daily basis now. He advises anyone who thinks they have been scammed to call law enforcement.

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