"Joke candidate" raises $75,000 for KY Senate campaign

A "Joke " candidate is raising some big bucks in his bid for Kentucky Senator.

A candidate for Kentucky Senate, "honest" Gil Fulbright has almost $75,000 from online donors for his campaign.

There's only one catch... Fulbright isn't a real person.

He's a character played by TV and movie actor Frank Ridley, famous for roles in Orange is the New Black and Inside Llewyn Davis.

According to his campaign, he surpassed his $20,000 goal by nearly 400%.

His first campaign ad gained over 250,000 views on YouTube in its first month.

Fulbright's schtick is that he talks about a subject most politicians dare not mention: Most of his time is spent fundraising, mostly from large and generous corporate donors, which means he has no time to care about the concerns of ordinary citizens.

McConnell and Grimes are running neck and neck in the polls, and the Kentucky race is expected to be the most expensive Senate race in history.

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