Judge agrees to sentence in Bass Webb attempted murder case

PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) - In March, a jury recommended 20 years on two attempted murder charges against Bass Webb. The charges were to run partially consecutively and partially concurrently, for a total of 37 years. Webb tried to run over two Bourbon county jail employees in 2009, shortly after he murdered his girlfriend, Bryia Runiewicz, in Harrison County.

Webb is already serving 50 years for Runiewicz's murder and 15 years for assaulting a jail employee in Fayette County.

While Judge Jean Chenault Logue agreed with the jury's recommended sentence in the attempted murder case, she chose to wait to issue a final judgement until Webb is sentenced on a charge of intimidating a judicial officer.

During Monday's proceeding, Webb's attorney made a request regarding how the attempted murder charges would be viewed by the Department of Corrections, according to state law.

He asked, "We would ask the court to reflect in the final judgment that this was a non-violent charge. The court may recall that we mitigated that at the first trial and the court ruled that this was a non-violent charge that time. So we ask the court to reflect that in the final judgment."

A sentencing hearing regarding time Webb faces for spitting on a judge will be held later this year, likely in November.

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