Caregiver convicted of scamming disabled veterans requests shock probation

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - "Being the son of Jack Browning Sr., I know what he would say, he'd say give her the full time," said Jack Browning Jr.

He says he's speaking for his father, who was also a disabled veteran, because the stress of watching a jury convict their caregiver of stealing from them was too much.

"I think she killed him," Browning said.

He tells us his father died with a broken heart not long after investigators say they discovered Cammie Henson scammed them out of $20,000 by charging for hours that weren't worked and by using a debit card for illegitimate transactions.

She was convicted in 2013 of two counts of knowingly abusing an adult and two counts of being a persistent felony offender.

Henson has served about six months of her 25-year sentence.

During a hearing Friday morning, a judge said he's inclined to give her shock probation but he will wait a week before making his final decision.

As Henson's attorney asked the judge for mercy, she also asked the Brownings to forgive her.

Her attorney told the judge that Henson will make full restitution when she is released.

"I don't even consider her a sister anymore but she was supposed to be my sister,” Browning said.

He says Henson betrayed his trust so he doesn't think she should be given an opportunity to get out of prison early.

"She hasn't been in there long enough to learn a lesson from it," he said.

Browning tells us Henson was stealing from his family to pay back a central Kentucky daycare that she was convicted of stealing from several years ago.

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