Judge rules defense can see emails in Lexington murder case

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Emails were the subject of a hearing involving a man accused of killing Lexington gas station clerk. Lexington Police say Travis Bredhold shot and killed Mike Patel during a robbery at a Marathon on Alexandria Drive in December 2013. Bredhold was 18 at the time.

During Friday's hearing, the Commonwealth Attorney's Office objected to orders that all email communications were discoverable. The ruling means the full content of all emails pertaining to Bredhold's case must be given to both sides when requested. The emails in question were between the Kentucky State Police Lab and prosecutors. The defense wants to be able to see those emails. Bredhold faces the death penalty if convicted in Patel's murder.

"What we are doing is trying to make sure that Travis is getting the fairest trial possible and that his rights are all protected," said Public Defender Audrey Woosnam. "Nothing shady or fishy went down, especially in a case where the Commonwealth is trying to kill Travis. His trial needs to be open and transparent and all of his rights need to be protected. He needs to get all of his due process that he's entitled to."

The judge denied the Commonwealth's objection. All emails can be read and used during preparation for the case. Bredhold's next hearing is scheduled for October 9.

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