Jurors deliberating in Scott County murder trial

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Jurors are deliberating the case against a man accused of killing his parents. Police say James Anthony Gray shot and killed James and Vivian Gray in their Scott County home in 2007.

On Thursday, Gray's defense presented their closing arguments. Gray's attorney, Rodney Barnes, had two main points to make to the jury. He told jurors that Gray's confession that he killed his parents was coerced and untrue. He pointed to a five hour interview police conducted with Gray that wasn't recorded as evidence. He also pointed to the time of death for Gray's parents. He said police determined Gray's window of opportunity and used that to establish time of death.

"You don't have to be convinced that it's a false confession, you just have to have doubt about the confession," said Barnes. "You don't have to convinced about a time of death, you just have to have doubt about the time of death."

The prosecution also presented their closing arguments. They say the police work in the investigation was sound, and that Gray's alleged murder of his parents was motivated by money.

Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Keith Eardley said, "He wanted everything they had, he said he was going to do it, he'd been talking about killing his parents, he's lying about where he was Tuesday night."

This is Gray's second trial. The jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict in his first trial last year.

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