K-9 retires after decade 'sniffing' for UK Police

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A retirement party was held Friday for Bekah the K-9, who's going to be sniffing out a new adventure in life after 10 years of working for the University of Kentucky Police Department.

Baska, Odie and Pink, the remaining K-9’s at the department, barked goodbye to their fellow canine.

A retirement badge and plaque were presented to Bekah at headquarters.

But, it was the peanut butter and cream cheese cake provided by Bluegrass Barkery that interested her the most.

Bekah’s new adventure won’t come without a big challenge.

Soon-to-be owner, Lt. Rob Turner, says she’s got four chemo treatments left after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

"Probably for her, she’ll just be laying around sleeping,” said Turner.”It's what she does best right now. She's tired from the chemo treatments, but we'll keep her active once it starts getting warm- take her to the dog park."

The police department says they won’t be filling Bekah’s vacated position within the K-9 unit.
They’ll now have three dogs on the force.

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