Keno debuts in Kentucky on Monday

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A new gambling opportunity for Kentuckians debuts Monday.

Keno is a bingo-like style game. You place a bet on certain numbers and wait for your numbers to show up on a screen.

The technology is already installed in 400 businesses throughout the state. There are 15 locations in Lexington. Some games are offered in restaurants, bars, and even bowling alleys.

"It'll create some excitement for the community and the people that want to come out here and have a fun time playing it, says Daniel Collins, the President of Collins Bowling Centers, Inc.

Beginning next week, you'll be able to play Keno at the Collins Bowling Centers.

"It's a game that occurs every five minutes. So you can be bowling in a league for three hours and play several games. We feel like some of those league bowlers, they might pool their money together as a team and they might buy some of these tickets and see what happens, adds Collins.

According to Kentucky Lottery officials, Keno is expected to generate $7 million in it's first year. Participating businesses say they're excited about the possibilities.

"They told us that it increases food and beverage by 18% on average, so we're hoping that this will generate more income for us from having it here," Collins says.

The winners can pick up their earnings right there. Those who win anything over $600 will have to collect their earnings at a Kentucky Lottery store.

Some of the ticket earnings will go towards scholarship opportunities.

Kentucky will become the 15th state to offer the game of Keno.

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