KKK fliers distributed in Lexington neighborhoods

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say the Masterson Station area is just the latest Lexington neighborhood to receive fliers from the Ku Klux Klan.

Many people who live on Skyview Lane found the fliers in their yards, their driveways and on their porches Tuesday morning, promoting them to join the KKK.

The same fliers were also left outside of the WKYT studio overnight and were found by employees early Tuesday morning.

It’s something that alarmed many of the people WKYT's Whitney Wetzel talked to in the neighborhood that was targeted. Lexington police say this isn’t the first time they’ve heard of it.

A few weeks ago, the same fliers were found on Polo Club Boulevard. Police say the fliers have also been found in other areas around town over the last two months.

It’s a trend that many people hope doesn’t continue in their neighborhoods.

“Why somebody would do something like this, I don't understand," says Frank Giles, who found a KKK flier in his driveway. "Nowadays you've got all kinds of cultures that's living together side-by-side. So this doesn't need to be done. This is ridiculous.”

Lexington police say they have been keeping track of each time these fliers are reported. But, so far, they haven't found any criminal activity or wrongdoing.

Police say it is still okay to call them if you receive these fliers in the future and are concerned.

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