State Police looking to slash fuel costs

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police drove more than 31 million miles last year. Amid falling revenue, they say they're exploring ways to cut back on fuel consumption.

"We can ask the question, is this a luxury, is it something that we have to do? More importantly, does this decline the service that we're giving the people of the Commonwealth? We want to make sure we put all of our efforts and firepower exactly where it's needed to get, if you will, the biggest bang for your buck," said Sergeant Rick Saint-Blancard, Public Affairs Commander for the Kentucky State Police.

Kentucky State Police Headquarters passed down several recommendations to the 16 posts and six Commercial Vehicle Enforcement regions across the state. Those include not warming cars up, and doing stationary radar work and checkpoints rather than moving patrols.

Sgt. Saint-Blancard said doing things like stationary radar and checkpoints also have a benefit besides cost-cutting. They allow the troopers to interact more with their community.

"It actually becomes a community enhancer, if you will. People can see us. They'll talk to us more and at the same time, we're doing some traffic enforcement," he said.

Above all, though, State Police say the fuel-saving measures won't impact safety.

"Safety and security and what we do for the people in servicing the people is not going to decline," said Saint-Blancard.

State Police hope to cut fuel costs by ten percent.

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