KSP launches 'active shooter training program' for schools

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police are launching a statewide training program that aims to maximize security and safety in schools.

"Even though schools are safe, they are one of our most protected zones, and they should be, because they have our most precious commodity and that is our children," says Commissioner Rodney Brewer, Kentucky State Police.

In response to recent school shootings around the nation and past incidents here in Kentucky, KSP has developed an Active Shooter Training Program. It's designed to teach schools how to respond to incidents involving an active shooter.

"We've trained people in the western part of the state, we've trained people in the eastern part of the state. Our goal is that we eventually train people in every county in the commonwealth of Kentucky," says Capt. James Stephens, Kentucky State Police.

The program provides four levels of assistance to schools throughout the state. Those levels include on-site visits, target hardening, lock down drills and hands-on role-playing scenarios. All of those are meant to improve schools' current emergency response plans.

"We thought teaching middle-schoolers and dealing with parents was stressful. This training was very stressful. But the significant outcome of this training was that our staff [now has] the awareness of knowing that there are options for consideration," says Kevin Estes, Asst. Principal Ballard Co. High School.

State police say this program is offered to schools free of charge and school officials can choose the level of training that's needed.

School officials who are interested can find out more information about the ASTP by clicking on the link attached to this story.

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