KY native among CO evacuees

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Elizabeth Graff has lived in Colorado for about a year, and having grown up in the Bluegrass, wildfires weren't something she'd ever worried about.

"You know you might be afraid of having a house burn down but you don't, you're not afraid of a massive forest fire," she said.

Now, she, her husband, and their two young children are staying in a hotel after the flames forced them from their home.

"I saw this huge just out of no where this huge cloud of smoke coming up from behind our house," said Graff.

She and many other people living nearby are under a mandatory evacuation order. She said she had a few hours to gather things, but some friends had to make much quicker decisions.

"She had ten minutes to gather things before the police basically told them they had to leave," she said.

Graff's hopeful her neighborhood will be spared, but she says there's something else she's worried about.

"I don't feel so worried about our house being consumed by the fire, as much as I'm worried about vandalism and looters. At a time like this there could be people trying to take advantage and steeling that just it breaks my heart," she said.

She hopes this will serve as a lesson to others about emergency preparedness.

"Get an emergency plan together for their family, get their documents in order so that if they had to leave their home and they only had ten minutes that they would know what was important to them and what they would grab," said Graff.

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