Kentuckians Help NY Police Officers

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STATEN ISLAND, Ny. (WKYT) - Storm victims in New York's Staten Island are getting help from some Kentuckians. Ten Lexington police officers arrived Thursday to help emergency responders as they rebuild the storm ravaged region.

It's been two and a half weeks since Hurricane Sandy slammed the Northeast. And an island that's home to many New York fire fighters, police officers, and retired military was hardest hit. That's why a group of Lexington police officers felt they had to roll up their sleeves to help.

"We came down to the Great Kills area of Staten Island area which is basically one block from the coast to assist two NY police officers Paul and Jessica. They're married and they have 2 children. And to assist them in cleaning up their home. They're home has been completely destroyed and completely gutted," says Lexington Police Officer Stacy Shannon.

Shannon says devastation is so widespread in this tight knit community. Mud covers everything. There's huge piles of debris and there's a even boat parked on the street in front of the house they're cleaning.

"Its just an eerie desolate scene. But at the same time there's neighbors helping neighbors. People who don't even know each other, helping each other. Some are going to rebuild and they say it's going to about a year because the assistance from FEMA is slow in coming," says Shannon.

"Its just an example that even though we do have responsibilities to enforce the law and protect community, at the same time we're also there to help when you need it," adds Shannon.

The group will continue clean up efforts over the weekend. President Obama is also in Staten Island Thursday touring the damage. Thousands are still without power in the region.

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